Dogs Who Tweet FAQ

What is RoCur?

RoCur, or Rotation Curation, is a different kind of twitter account. Each week a new person takes over the account, giving people who follow that account a range of different opinions, points of view and insights into a different life each week. The first RoCur accounts were for countries (such as @sweden and @ireland) and there are now lots for individual cities as well, and also for different professions or interests. Looking at some of the Rotation Curation websites or searching the hashtag #rocur on twitter will find you lots more, I'm sure.

Since there are so many dogs on twitter, we thought it would be fun if dogs had their own RoCur account. Hopefully it will help to spread the word about RoCur as well as be lots of fun for both the followers of @WeAreWoof and the dogs taking part.

Are there any rules to being @WeAreWoof?

Just a few very simple ones. We ask that you tweet at least twice a day for the week you take part, that you don't swear or use offensive language, and that you have fun! You can tweet lots more than twice a day if you like, and feel free to post pictures or links to things you think people might be interested in. Feel free to follow new people, too, but we do ask that you don't unfollow people. If you see someone that you believe there is an issue with, please let us know by email and we will deal with it. If you don't have a twitter account yet, we'd prefer if you made one before taking part in @WeAreWoof so that we can see that you are ok with tweeting, and of course so people can follow you afterwards if they've enjoyed reading your tweets!

How do I take part?

Just fill out this form and we'll put you down on our list. We'd love if you could write us a short bio to pop on our page here, and we can either use your twitter avatar or you can submit a picture of yourself to include.

What happens next?

We answer any questions you may have, and if you want to go ahead, we let you know when our next available week is. If that week suits you, we'll send you a reminder closer to the time, and then on your first day, we send you your password and start time. Then you log in, and the world of @WeAreWoof is yours!

I'm not a dog. Can I still take part?

We consider all applicants carefully. Whilst @WeAreWoof is for dogs, we would consider a well made case for someone not a dog to take part. We're not promising anything, mind you!