Has your dog been stressed recently? Perhaps there has been upheaval in the household, or some emotional tension they may be picking up on. If they are a teenage dog, this may be a stage they are going through as they work out their place in the world. You can only try to be supportive, and listen to them when they talk to you, no matter how insignificant their worries may seem.
If, however, they often vanish for days at a time, and only ever leave the house in dark glasses and a wig, you will have to consider the option that they are either in a soap opera or reality tv show. Check the gutter press and worst kind of magazines (yes, we all know about the stash of 'Hello's under your bed). Are there any photos that could be of them or stories that may be about them? Have you noticed paparazzi hanging around outside your house? Have any ingratiating chat show hosts tried to interview you, or do people smile sadly at you in the street then mutter animatedly when you’ve gone past? Consider selling your story to the tabloids, before someone sells it for you.

Smell Synonyms: 
unresolved anger
being emo