Dogs Who Smell


They have shaped our society almost as much as we have shaped theirs. Guards, herders, helpers, companions, friends. They work for us and with us, share our homes, beds and lives. But sometimes, just sometimes, you will meet a dog, even a dog you may know quite well, and it will have a smell.

Okay. Dogs ALWAYS have smells. Some dogs stink. Some dogs wander around in an ever changing miasma of horror. Some dogs come bounding up to you full of love and effusion, and leave their smell with you. There are times when, after you have been near a certain dog, strangers look at you oddly in the street if they are downwind of you.

Can anything be done?

Well, no, not really.

But we can at least try to find the reasons for some of these smells, and then, perhaps, in some cases, control them.

Welcome to ‘Why does this dog smell of…?’ I hope it is (mostly) self-explanatory. You meet a dog with a smell, especially an unexpected or traumatic smell, and you come here to find out more. Click on ''So, let's find out why!' at the top of any page, enter your closest smell description in the search box and our Extensive Database will try to match it for you. Otherwise, check the Smell Index for the closest match, and click on the link. Enlightenment awaits!

But wait! What if there is nothing on the list that matches, or is even close? It is possible that you have found a dog that smells of Something New. Please email your smell query to us, and our dedicated team of Dog Smellologists will start researching it forthwith!

Or, why not submit your query to our twitter, @dogswhosmell, which is where you can also find updates on new smells, smell research and general dog smelling fun!